Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Landis Fire-Rescue Training Blog has been created

Greetings Brothers,

The Blog Site is now up and operational. I will be posting lots of information and websites for your use here and will let this Blog serve as the Testament to Our Training Efforts and Activities.
Blogs are read from the bottom to the top by entry. Oldest on the Bottom - Youngest on the top. Each month the blog condenses the entries from that month and places them in a month folder. A good example of this is my other Blog from my Blue Ridge Parkway Backpacking Trip. Check out the Blog to see what I mean. http://backpackingtheparkway.blogspot.com

We can enter photos on this blog site. So if you would like to have them show up here, take some photos, email them to me and I will include them on the Blog. I intend to do a short write up after each training session and include some links for that Training Topic.

Thanks to each of you for your interest and dedication to your community and your Fire Department. Thank You for Training like you mean it.
"Only Perfect Practice Makes for Perfect Performance."
Stay Safe!!
Captain Dave

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