Sunday, August 30, 2009

Two WILDFIRE LODD's - The Station Fire - Angeles Co. CA

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It is with great sadness we announce the loss of 2 Wildland Firefighters on Saturday afternoon.
LODD Coverage From Wildfire Today 8-30-2009

The Station Fire near Mt. Wilson and Mount Palomar more than quadrupled in size from Sat. Aug. 29 pm - Sunday Aug. 30 to reach a size of 42,500 acres as of Midnight Aug. 31.
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A Bit Of Humor For You Today

A Bit of Humor for you today from the Happy Medic

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

When in a MAYDAY use L.U.N.A.R.

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!
Are you really ready?

When Should You Call a Mayday

Separated from Crew
Disabled due to injury
Do Not Be Afraid To Call a Mayday
You are Not Replaceable!!!

Is the Acronym that Stands for...
  • L = Location (Floor, and ABCD side)
  • U = Unit (E-443, Ladder 58)
  • N = Your Last Name
  • A = Assignment Given
  • R = Resources needed for Rescue

After calling your Mayday, activate PASS Device, use Lightbox as a Beacon, and attempt self rescue.

There will be m
ore To Come on this Topic Real Soon.......
Be Safe Out There
Captain 5802

Saturday, August 22, 2009


I wanted to provide you with a little more information that you can use in your "Mental Toolboxes" regarding the Training Topic from Wednesday night. We face many challenges with Vehicle Extrication, from Multi Layer and Boron Steel construction, multiple Airbags and deployment equipment, and undeployed airbags after a vehicle crash. Even Grandma can cause an airbag to deploy with her purse. Click HERE. When the tones hit the other night I was just about to the Summary on the Power Point and I wanted you to have this information.

So, Here is the Summary of our class on Air Bag Equipped Vehicles from Wednesday Night’s Training.

Emergency Procedures for Airbag-Equipped Vehicles

  • Complete airbag “scanning” and initiate electrical system shutdown.
  • Check for battery location(s). First place to look is under the hood and then within the trunk, and under the rear seat cushion.
  • Have alternative means of accessing the battery: Including through the fender, through the headlight assembly, and through the undercarriage.
  • Continue with normal extrication procedures while maintaining awareness and “respect” for loaded airbags. Remember: Do Not stick your head through an open window, and Remember “The 5, 10, 20 Rule”.
  • If there is a loaded airbag within a jammed door, it is safer to initiate a “hinge” attack. That is - to begin to work the door open with the Hydraulic Tools from the Hinge side.
  • Maintain clearance to metal of the vehicle body when cutting wiring harness in the door. Remember on any Electric Hybrid Vehicle - DO NOT CUT THE WIRING HARNESS. ORANGE WIRES ARE HIGH VOLTAGE and CAN KILL YOU.
  • If the Tool or Cutters give great resistance, you might be trying to cut BORON. Many of the new door hinges are being made of this material and it will defeat the Cutters. You can snap the cutting blades. See the Photo above. For more info on Boron hinges and other difficultys to consider check out the links below.
  • Place a door with an undeployed airbag in the debris pile airbag side UP! If the airbag deploys at least the door will not become a projectile.

The PowerPoint that I used came from this website:
There are a number of Videos and Downloadable PDF Emergency Response Guidelines (ERGS) for download on this website.

Some Great Vehicle Extrication Links

Boron and Ultra-High Strength Steel

Metallurgy 101: A lesson in new vehicle Extrication

Initial Vehicle Assessment

How to Open Jammed Doors – University of Extrication

Trunk Tunneling for Extrication

New Vehicle Technology: Issues for Rescuers
Guide Book 41 Pages

Holmatro Vehicle Extrication Techniques
Guide Book 95 Pages

(To locate Gas Cylinders, Fuel Lines, and other Hazards)

5-10-20 RULE
5 Inches from any Side Impact Airbag
10 Inches from Driver Frontal Airbag
20 Inches from Passenger Frontal Airbag
* Side Curtains – 12 Inches from roof *

Let the soul of no man ever say – I WISH I WOULD HAVE BEEN TRAINED!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Stupidity of Texting While Driving

At Last someone has finally taken a stand against the
The Gwent, England Police Department has produced a shocking video for young and old alike in an attempt to stop vehicle crashes caused by the driver texting while driving.The BBC has the Intestinal Fortitude to report and present the film here.

"The Stupidity of Texting While Driving"
Be warned: This is Graphic

Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Study Shows That Smoke Alarms Do Not Wake Children Up

Check out this Video that Shows how ineffective Smoke Alarms really are with children. The good thing is that new models will be on the market soon that allow parents to record a message that wakes up the child within ~15 seconds.