Thursday, November 13, 2008

High Angle Rescue Training @ Pilot Mountain

Highline Operations with an Attendant

On October 31st, Nov. 1-2 Landis Fire Dept. Training Captain David Barlow attended the NC High Angle Rescue Special School held at Pilot Mountain State Park by the OSFM. The class attended was the 3rd level out of four levels offered. The weekend consisted of Ground School on Friday night and practical skills on both Saturday and Sunday and ending with testing on Sunday afternoon. The 3rd level class consisted of rigging and using Highlines and using same to ferry a patient across a fairly large gorge, descend and ascending fixed lines using rescue 8's and racks with brake bars to rappel and lock off and continue to descend. Then to reverse the process and ascend through the use of Prussiks. The use of Pick Off Straps was also practiced by all to do a Pick Off and Rescue a victim and lower them to the ground. On Sunday, shortly before lunch, a call was made to 911 for a fall on Pilot Mountain. A civilian tourist had fallen approximately 20 feet and was pretty seriously injured. The class responded and the Rescue was accomplished.

NCDOI High Angle Rescue Special School Information

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