Thursday, November 13, 2008

The "CLEVELAND LOAD" for MILL PACKS or High Rise Packs

On Tuesday evening 11/11/08 @1700 hrs. LFD started training on a new load for the Mill Pack or High Rise Pack. This new method of packing the hose is called tha Cleveland Load. Originally started by Wildland Firefighters in the Cleveland National Forest in California, this load is charged prior to advancing the hose providing more protection and is much easier to deploy. There is a great video on You Tube showing this hose load.
Next week during training we will be trying a similar type load called the Hoffy Load or the Viper Load on our 1 3/4" preconnects. We want to become proficcient with packing and deploying this hose lay for several reasons. Very rapid deployment by one person in under 30 seconds, ease in maneuvering around tight areas, less kinking, advancing hose with less effort as well as having full firefighting capability. Check out this video on You Tube to see the value of the Hoffy Load or Viper Load.
Another great video on You Tube shows how Bundles like on the Hoffy or Viper Load can be used to eliminate a trip hazard when used in a stairwell or front porch and can even be used to hold or prop open a door if needed but definitely can eliminate a trip hazard while using only the exact amount of hose needed.

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