Thursday, April 23, 2009

Confined Space Technician Class

The drop
Air Tender for the SAR Packs
The entrance
Final Exercise Rigged from Tower 1
Entering the confined space
SAR Pack with 10 minute Pony Bottle
Final check and entering
Backup is ready
Preparing to enter
Tripod Vertical work
Lifting a victim from the lower level to the upper while making a 90 turn
16"Pipe into the two layered maze

16" pipe gets really full real quickly
Several turnsand an uphill
Approximately 100' of pipe
Corners require a 90 degree bend and then a full rotation
The corners of the confidence course are difficult
Captain David Barlow took the Confined Space Technician Class with ~30 members of the Mooresville Fire Department during the week of April 6-13.
It was a close and tight experience for all.


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