Tuesday, March 31, 2009

High Angle Rescue Level IV Graduate Class

NCDOI High Angle Rescue Level IV Special School
The Level IV Group Photo
The Graduated Class
The Graduated Class with Stone Mountain
Packaging the Patient
Rigging for the Carry out to the trail.
Carry Out
The Victim gets a free ride!
" Bird Dog" Marcus Perkins
now owns a new ANSI Vest made of Flagging Tape.

The Spring High Angle Rescue School Level IV class culminated in a Search for a missing person who had been sighted at the edge of a steeply sloping outcrop of rock in the high country of Stone Mountain State Park in Allegheny County on Sunday. The search team of twenty students assembled in the meadow at the base of the rock and gathered the necessary team equipment to effect the rescue. Led by sucessive Hasty Teams, clues were looked for while traveling on azimuth headings which were of varying lengths. After finding 12 significant clues and searching for several hours, the victim was located at the edge of a steep slope on Wolf Rock well above the meadow by the rescuers. Suffering from a Tib-Fib fracture and Hypothermia, the patient was stabilized, loaded on a SKED stretcher, and a Low Angle Rescue extraction was performed to remove the patient to the trail. The team then completed his rescue by walking him out to the waiting Wilkes County Rescue Squad Ambulance.

Once the written test was administered and graded, the Level IV Students participated in a short Graduation Ceremony and were invited to participate in the GRADUATE MOUNTAIN RESCUE CLASS which will be held April 24-26, 2009 at Pilot Mountain State Park. The Instructors were Richard Caudle, and Terry Foxx. The students were from all over the state of NC representing Fire Departments, Rescue Squads, and EMS, Paid, Combination, and Volunteer. OSFM Staff were also students.
This class completed the four class sequence of the NCDOI OSFM Special School - High Angle Rescue. The NC High Angle Rescue School is a progressive school. The curriculum offers a wide range of "hands-on tasks" and skills with an examination given at the end of each level. The skills that are taught in this school are not limited to a wilderness environment, but can easily be adapted to urban high level rescue situations. A certificate is awarded upon successful completion of all four levels.

The Level I Class covers ROPES AND RIGGING, Use and Care of Rope, Hardware, PPE, Climbing and Rappelling Techniques and Commands, Belaying Techniques, and Vertical Lowers.
Level I and Level IV Classes are offered at Stone Mountain State Park

Lashing a Stokes Basket, Anchors/Mechanical Advantage Systems and Braking Systems, Rescue Knot Lowers and Low Slope Evacuation, Horizontal and Vertical Lowers with Attendant and Raises, Distance Rappelling.
Level II and Level III Classes are offered at Pilot Mountain State Park

Rappelling and Ascending, Self-rescue, Victim Pick-off, Rescue techniques for Crossing a Horizontal Span.
Level II and Level III Classes are offered at Pilot Mountain State Park

The Level IV Class covers GENERAL SEARCH
Search Methodology, Self survival, Map orientation, Compass use, Tracking, Patient Packaging, Rescue.
Level I and Level IV Classes are offered at Stone Mountain State Park

The class was attended by Captain David Barlow

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