Tuesday, December 16, 2008


While visiting in a Fire Station last week in Cleveland County, I saw a new Tool offered for sale that is made by CHANNELLOCK. This is the new CHANNELLOCK 6 in 1 Rescue Tool. The website that announces this new tool is www.therescuetool.com There is a pretty good short video that describes all of its features.

This looks to be a pretty good item to carry in your pocket as a Firefighter or Rescue Technician. This tool, a Knife, some webbing, a short section of Rope, and a battery wrench would be a pretty good compliment to almost anyones gear.

Looking online, the price seems to vary a bit. I have seen it as high as $65 and as low as $40 plus shipping. If you have someone in your department that runs a Hardware store or is in the tool business, you might find that you can get one for around $36 dollars.

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